Sunday, April 25, 2010

Viewing - Exposure & Contrast

Handy shortcuts for quickly checking out detail in highlights/shadows etc as well as negating the image via negative contrast values - all done via the graphics card without using any extra processing. This is image display only and will not affect your clips.

> Works with all desktop modules, player and batch except for sparks editing

> First you must enable display colour management by clicking 'Bypass' on the bottom-left of any view - you will see it change to 'Active' with the other controls in there (there's also RGB/Matte and Linear/Video/Log switches)

Exposure - Hold Shift+E then Drag cursor L/R
Contrast - Hold Shift+C then Drag cursor L/R

You will see the values changing on the bottom-left and theres a big [RESET] button there too that appears once you start changing values

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