Saturday, April 3, 2010

Camera Tracking, 3d Space and Other Stuff - in summary

So, that was a really long way of saying this:

- Resolve your coordinates one at a time, using orthographic views (in flame, down in the bottom left corner of action you can change the view from "result" to any number of other things, including "Front", "Top", and "Side". It's much easier and faster in 3d software, but the principle is the same. sub-note: alt+2,3 and 4 will split up your flame view into four assignable windows)
- Once you've resolved two orthographic views, you can resolve the third one by eye in the camera view by sliding it around.
- Don't take shortcuts. Camera tracks speed up so much of your 3d and compositing life that you can afford to take your time getting them right.

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