Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Manipulating Front Source Nodes in the Result View

My friend just presented me with a problem that is now SOLVED!

How to manipulate an axis or bicubic distortion on your front source node without having to go into the source view node, which isn't all that helpful when you're looking to do a minor tweak to a comp.

So here's what you do:

Add your image, and add a source node.
Change the source node to "bicubic" and turn the "shape" channel button off (it doesn't seem to work with the shape channel on)

Add a layer of the same resolution that is black for both matte and fill and make that a bicubic too. "Dupilicate" link--the green line--the black (which will be transparent with the matte on) bicubic to the front source bicubic, and link it's axis to the front source axis.

Again, make sure "shape" animation is off on your bicubics.

Now you can manipulate the axis and bezier handles of your bicubic and have them in turn drive your transformations and distortions of the front source.

Nifty! (and extra handy on smoke on mac where you can't just do what' i'd generally recommend and precomp the effin thing)